Proposal for Incorporating Vermonts Guiding Principles into Professional Development CDD-VTGP

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The Childrens Equity Project (CEP) proposes to provide the following deliverables to incorporate Vermonts Guiding Principles into early childhood professional development.
1. Design and facilitate a VT Guiding Principles Professional Development Series - The VTGP PD Series will provide early childhood professionals learning opportunities that promote equity, inclusion, and diversity within Vermonts early care and learning system, and provide resources to support the Principles use. The PD Series will offered virtually between September and December 2020 and will include the following:
a. Professional development sessions for early childhood teachers, practitioners, and leaders - A total of eight (8), two-hour sessions will be held for early childhood professionals.
b. Master classes for professional development faculty and instructors - A total of four (4), two-hour classes will be held for Northern Lights faculty and instructors.
2. Work with Northern Lights at CCV to design and implement a process for supporting Sponsors and members of the Vermont Instructor Registry with incorporating the Vermont Guiding Principles into their training designs
3. Work with the Higher Education Early Childhood Consortium to design and implement a process for encouraging higher education faculty to embed the Vermont Guiding Principles into early childhood education course design
4. Prepare and disseminate four monthly newsletters approved by the Contract Manager to a listserv with resources for implementing the Vermont Guiding Principles in early childhood programs;
5. Work with the Building Bright Futures State Advisory Council to develop, disseminate, and provide updated resources as they are developed related to the Vermont Guiding Principles for their website.
Effective start/end date11/27/203/15/21


  • VT: Agency of Human Service, Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division (VT-AHS-DCF-CDD): $116,000.00


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