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PROPOSAL FOR ADVANCING THE ACADEMY FOR JUSTICE PROPOSAL FOR ADVANCING THE ACADEMY FOR JUSTICE The Academy for Justice would pursue nonpartisan scholarly research and analysis of criminal justice laws, procedures, policies, and practices. The Academys work-products could include: A Research Clearinghouse: publish plain-English summaries of new scholarship (plus older seminal scholarship), perhaps as part of a serialized bulletin or briefing papers Facilitating New Research: solicit, curate, and fund research projects by individuals and groups (with emphasis on newer academics and graduate students), with the goal of generating white papers Reports, Edited Volumes, and/or a Peer-Reviewed Journal: organize, edit, and publish scholarly collections similar to, or as a continuation of Reforming Criminal Justice, perhaps drilling down on particular topics (e.g., correctional rehabilitation) Model Laws: organize and facilitate working groups to research and draft model criminal justice legislation, administrative principles, and/or best practices Workshops, Symposia, Conferences, Lecture Series, etc.: organize and convene live events at its home institution, ASU Law (and perhaps elsewhere), that contribute to publications and promote interaction among scholars, and between academics and professionals (policymakers, staffers, jurists, practitioner, reformers, advocates, think-tank experts) Normative/Evaluative Assistance to Individual Jurisdictions: connect with specific jurisdictions/criminal justice bodies interested in review, analysis, and proposed solutions to issues (e.g., report on a jurisdictions bail system, sentencing reform in a given jurisdiction) Education: create and/or support educational programs on criminal justice issues, in the form of undergraduate and graduate student coursework (including research assistants, student editors, etc.) and continuing legal or professional educatio
Effective start/end date7/23/187/31/23


  • Charles Koch Foundation: $14,512,050.00


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