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Project Rose (ASUF 30005933) Project Rose Introduction The purpose of this grant is to provide sustaining funding that will support an innovative research-based intervention for adults in prostitution and sex trafficking situations called Project ROSE (Reaching Out to the Sexually Exploited). In addition, we hope to provide increased support for Project ROSE clients who have children in their custody, as we have ascertained they currently have the greatest unmet needs. History: Project ROSE began in 2011 as an innovative community partnership between Arizona State University, the Phoenix Police Department, the City of Phoenix Prosecutors Office, Catholic Charities Prostitution Diversion, EMPACT/La Frontera, Community Bridges, Bethany Bible Church, NCADD, Tumbleweed Youth Services, Maricopa County Health Department and Healthcare for the Homeless. Together we created a thoughtful and innovative intervention to address one of the oldest problems in society, prostitution. During four completed Project ROSE events, the partnership has provided 312 adult clients with a direct connection to service providers including drug and alcohol counseling and detox, mental health services, medical care, housing services, clothing and hygiene kits, a warm meal, and a bus pass to get to their first Diversion appointment. The Project ROSE events are provided based solely on donations and we are applying for this grant to sustain this important effort. In addition to the sustenance funds, we are requesting grant funds to address a population within Project ROSE clients that is difficult to reach but has long ranging ramifications. These are the clients with children under the age of 18 in their custody. One hundred and six women from the first three Project ROSE events reported having children. They had between one and twelve children. Of those with children under the age of 18, only 27% (29 out of 106 clients) completed the Project ROSE requirements. Women with children were significantly older than women without children thus their presenting issues are often long term, such as having had unstable housing for a number of years. Twenty-two percent of the women with children (29 of 106 clients) had been sexually exploited when they were younger than age 18. Of the total women with children under the age of 18, only 44% had custody, with many in kinship care and with Arizona Child Protective Services (CPS). We recognize that custody of their children is often tenuous and many have open CPS cases. The children in these homes are often exposed to serious violence, drug and alcohol use and in some cases, their mothers prostitution. These children are also at high risk for falling into the same situation as their mothers, as we often see multigenerational cases. We would like to try to mitigate these experiences by supporting the mothers in their transition out of the life of prostitution as well as assisting them in developing new parenting, housing, education and employment options. Program goals: This grant has two primary program goals: 1) to help support all Project ROSE 6 and 7 (2014) clients with necessary resources such as bus passes, medical supplies, and grocery cards for the Project ROSE events; and 2) to provide additional ongoing support and resources for women with children under the age of 18. Regarding Goal 1: Bus passes are necessary as a majority of participants do not have transportation to or from the diversion classes that they must attend in order to avoid any penalty associated with their prostitution-related arrest. Clothing items, such as underwear, socks, long sleeved shirts, and inexpensive shoes are needed at the event, as many women lack these basic items. The necessary medical supplies that will be used by a licensed medical professional include items such as antibiotic ointment, medical scissors, gloves, bandages, and alcohol wipes. Goal 2: Additional support and resources for women with children will be provided through a Project ROSE Empowerment Specialist, who will receive referrals from the Prostitution Diversion program intake staff. The Empowerment Specialist will screen clients to identify the best avenue of support, and will meet with clients at the Diversion office to assist them in obtaining basic resources and ensuring that any emergency housing or food supply needs are met. For many of the women at Project ROSE, prostitution is their only source of income, and until we are able to provide more sustainable sources of help (e.g. SNAP, food boxes, transitional housing, employment), we feel it is necessary to help them provide for their childrens immediate needs, as it is vital to their health and safety, and also to any longterm goal of escaping the life. Once clients are connected with basic resources, the Empowerment Specialist will provide support and hands on assistance with obtaining legal documents (i.e. birth certificate/drivers license) necessary for obtaining state/federal assistance and legal employment, connections to GED/higher education options including scholarships. The Empowerment Specialsist will also develop a job connection board and contacts in the community specific to these clients who often have past criminal justice involvement.
Effective start/end date12/11/1312/31/15


  • Arizona Foundation for Women: $18,000.00


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