Program Review Evaluation of the Friendly House Parent Education Program

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Program Review Evaluation of the Friendly House Parent Education Program Program Review & Evaluation of the Friendly House Parent Education Program HIBIT A SCOPE OF WORK PROGRAM REVIEW& EVALUATION Parent Education Program Introduction: To address the evaluation needs of the Drug Prevention Parent Education program grant, the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center (SIRC) has prepared the following evaluation service scope of work. has received a grant from the Governors Office for Children, Youth and Families Parents Commission to provide a parent education program for parents of 9-12 year-olds in the Phoenix metropolitan area for the 2013-2014 school year. Process and Outcome Evaluation: The program evaluation will include both outcome and process evaluation activities. Outcome evaluation measures the changes that occur with target populations and the changes that are brought about in the target population. In other words, did the participants demonstrate proficiency in particular areas? Did their knowledge in certain areas improve? Process evaluation, on the other hand, describes and documents what happens during the implementation of the project. For instance, who receives services, what kind and how many services do they receive, and what is their satisfaction level with those services? The SIRC and project staff will address both types of evaluation. 2013-2014 EVALUATION OBJECTIVES: 1. Assess the degree to which project outcome and process objectives have been achieved. 2. Conduct negotiated project evaluation activities during each year (described herein). 3. Report findings of program evaluation by end of contract. EVALUATION TEAM: The Evaluation Team is comprised of Dr. Wendy Wolfersteig, Evaluation Project Director at SIRC and Kathryn Hamm, Research Analyst at SIRC. The Evaluation Team will meet periodically with staff to provide technical assistance and review and monitor evaluation progress.
Effective start/end date8/1/137/15/16


  • Friendly House: $45,000.00


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