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Purpose of Agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to support personnel required to increase the number of individuals trained to provide speech and language services by the CONTRACTOR. Some of these individuals will be employed by an AZ school as a Speech Language Assistant (SLPA) or a Speech Language Technician (SLT) while they pursue graduate training in speech language pathology. A second group of individuals will be full-time graduate students in speech language pathology who are recruited to select an emphasis area of school-age speech pathology that includes additional training within a school based service delivery model. Students selected to participate in the advanced training program will have an opportunity to receive a stipend during the second year of graduate school as part of a two year service agreement. CONTRACTOR Responsibilities. A. To accept up to eight additional qualified students per year into the MS-degree program in Communication Disorders (speech-language pathology - SLP). These students must (1) hold a bachelors degree in speech and hearing or have completed equivalent undergraduate training in speech and hearing; (2) meet the admissions requirement for the MS degree in Communication Disorders, as evidenced by an application packet to include (a) previous university and college transcripts, (b) GRE scores, (c) three letters of reference, and (d) a statement of intent; and (3) be employed by an Arizona School District as a speech language technician (SLT) or speech language pathology assistant (SLPA). In the event that fewer than eight qualified students meet these requirements, the CONTRACTOR will recruit students admitted to the masters program to gain employment in an Arizona School District as a SLT or SLPA and work part time while completing the masters program in speech language pathology. Districts will be recruited to partner with ASU to provide the internship experience and supervision required for the masters program. Students will work 50% time while completing the coursework and clinical training required for the masters degree in speech language pathology over a period of 3 years. B. To partner with an Arizona School District to provide speech language pathology services within a public school three days a week in order to train full-time first year Master students to provide therapy services to school-age children with communication difficulties. Recruit up to twelve students (six per semester) to complete a school-age speech pathology emphasis which will include a semester focused on advanced competencies for treating social communication associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and multilingual challenges within a school service delivery model. The students and ASU clinical faculty supervisor will provide additional services to the school for the purpose of training. The speech language pathologist (SLP) at the school will continue to provide service to children who required speech services. The ASU supervisor will provide services to children with ASD and to monolingual Spanish or bilingual Spanish English children identified as having a language disorder. These students will also complete a full semester as an internship student within a public school in their second year of graduate training. Students who complete this training will be eligible to receive a stipend of $6,000 in the last year of their graduate training. A two year service commitment at a Title I school within an Arizona School District will be required in exchange for the stipend. C. To partner with online graduate programs so that SLTs or SLPAs currently working in an Arizona can obtain their Masters degree from an online school while completing supervised clinical clock hours through their job setting as well as through the ASU Speech and Language clinic during two summer placements. This option is available for students unable to work part-time and complete their graduate training through the ASU three year program. Students enrolled in an online program would receive their academic credits from the online program. They will satisfy clinical clock hours for adults and children across nine disorder areas required for certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) as well as satisfying the requirements for a regular license as an SLP in the state of Arizona through clinical placements in Arizona. Placements will be coordinated by ASU clinical faculty. D. To advise and monitor the progress of said students as they matriculate through the curriculum. This includes providing training, support and site visits to SLPs in schools providing internships to said students. In addition the CONTRACTOR will contact districts and SLTs in Maricopa county to inform them of these opportunities for graduate training in speech language pathology at ASU.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/15


  • DOEd-OSERS: Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP): $318,282.00


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