Professional Development for Early Care and Education Professionals FY19

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Arizona PBS will provide high quality professional development for Yuma County early care and education professionals who teach and care for children birth through age 5, not yet in kindergarten. The focus will be to the Yuma County Region as well as the Cocopah Tribe Region. All professional development will be designed following current research and best practices, but will also take into account information being provided by the Yuma County Professional Development Committee. This committee comprises a group of ECE professionals from multiple agencies and backgrounds, all from Yuma County and the Cocopah Region. Three Communities of Practice will be offered. They are for Home Visitors, ECE Administrators and ECE Teachers. In addition, there will be one full day early childhood education conference for 300 early care professionals with a specific goal of having the participants in the three Communities of Practice sessions attend. There will also be six half day professional development offerings for early care professionals. Lastly, professional advising will be provided to the 62 Communities of Practice participants.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • First Things First : $147,000.00


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