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Principled Innovation Fund Principled Innovation Fund SPECIFIC PURPOSES The purpose of this commitment is to institutionalize Principled Innovation (PI) as central to the Arizona State Universitys mission as a ninth design aspiration, ensuring that character will be at the center of everything that ASU does. ASU will form a core PI team that will operate out of the presidents office and drive the institutionalization of PI by way of five main avenues to start. These are: College by college adoption of PI Provosts Office Initiatives Dreamscape Learn and Higher Education Redesign Accelerator ASU Preparatory Academies and Education Outreach Communications and Culture Specifically, Grantee will accomplish the following with the proceeds from this Commitment: 1. Integration of PI to initiatives that would reach ASUs faculty and students. 2. Tens of thousands of students to be introduced to a framework, classroom experiences, courses, and other content specifically designed to cultivate character. 3. Impact through ASUs outreach and services to other higher education institutions, K-12 schools, and its own K-12 educational initiatives to add tens of thousands of students, teachers, and leaders who will understand PI. 4. Realize future investment opportunities from multiple sources and partners to further the institutionalization of PI and achieve even greater impact through the ASU partnership.
Effective start/end date11/11/221/31/28


  • Kern Family Foundation: $25,000,000.00


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