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Predictive Science for Conservation Planning Predictive Science for Conservation Planning This project develops an applied layer of the LDF OneEarth map. The algorithm code can be further partnered with Google or another organization in a global, eco-regional planning initiative following its February 2018 completion. Since this project is for an LDF site and aligned with LDF mission and goals, we are asking LDF for the funding. This tool will create a detailed conservation data layer, detailing land by the acre (or any other land detailing permitted by the raw data) as to what is a primary focus to conserve based on key variables. It crunches a series of data sets to give a single layer and will propose protected areas and eco-region plans that are strategically identified and organized.
Effective start/end date9/1/178/31/19


  • Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF): $135,000.00


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