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Precision Copper Discs Precision Copper Discs Finely polished, high-purity Cu flyer plates will be provided for dynamic experiments at LANL using high purity (99.995%) Hitachi Copper from a plate in the half-hard condition. Flyers will be obtained by cutting cylinders with a minimum diameter of 6.7 mm (and a maximum of 6.9 mm) in diameter from the 1 copper plate using CNC electro-discharge machining (EDM), and then cutting slices from the cylinders that are either 800 m thick or 500 m thick. These slices will be polished using an Allied High Tech MultiPrep system in stages of 600, 800, 1200 grit SiC paper on both faces and 5 m Alumina suspension and 1 m Alumina suspension, and finished with fine colloidal silica compound to a mirror finish in one face. No more than five flyer plates will be polished at the same time to keep flatness and parallelism to within the tolerances of the MultiPrep system (4 m). The thicker slices will be polished to the desired thickness of 500 m and the thinner slices to the desired thickness of 200 m, with a variability in thickness of no more than 10%. The final thickness of each flyer will be measured and documented, and provided as a spreadsheet with the flyers at the time of delivery.
Effective start/end date6/4/126/15/12


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $8,542.00


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