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Practice Lab: Eccalon, LLC Practice Lab: Eccalon, LLC Introduction National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) is interested in pursuing a student-driven Practice lab to be hosted at Arizona State University (ASU). The NSIN Practice Lab will be comprised of a tailored, interdisciplinary team of students from ASU, who will execute on an ongoing portfolio of projects determined by problem statements provided by NSIN. The NSIN Practice Lab at ASU will be operationalized as a research & development group that supports NSIN through the development of technology-related concepts and solutions. The student team will use agile methodologies to develop Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) and iterate on these solutions to produce tangible products that meet the NSINs identified needs. ASU project for Hacking for Defense (H4D) H4D pairs DoD end users with top university students for collaborative problem-solving over the course of an academic semester. ASU Students work to develop a minimal viable product solution to improve the real-world problems of service members that can be adopted by the DoD end users. NSIN: Practice Labs Desired Outcomes Develop a think-tank and development lab to support H4D NSIN projects. The areas of focus within this Practice lab may include: Web/Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Machine Learning/Analytics, and National security Solutions insights. Produce Minimal Viable Products (MVP) that are owned by ASU and which can be practically implemented Oversight from ASUs Luminosity Lab for initial student selection, ongoing management of the Practice Lab, and maintaining team norms and best practices Provide expertise on migrating technologies from the Practice Lab to NSINs existing operations
Effective start/end date1/4/213/26/21


  • US Department of Defense (DOD): $30,910.00


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