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Practice Lab: Axon Practice Lab: Axon The goal of this project is to integrate Axons custom parcel onto a UAV for proof-of concept demonstration of a rapid response active system for deescalating emergency situations as well as develop and demonstrate the Guardian system constant safety and security monitoring on campus. 1) Integrate Axons custom parcel management with an off-the-shelf or custom drone platform. This will include: - Mechanical Engineering (parcel management and delivery development) o Airframe integration o Flight dynamics testing - Electrical Engineering (parcel management integration) o Electrical systems integration o Control system development - Software Engineering (control UX, App development, possibly encryption/security) o Control UX o App development? o Security and safety - Testing o Airframe and parcel management flight duration testing, load testing, crash testing o Electrical systems reliability testing, IP testing o Software UI/UX human systems testing. o Fault and failure testing 2) Operationalized the Guardian platform for ASU campus safety and security. This will include: a. Redesign and build the Guardian platform for maximum safety and reliability. i. Evaluate heterogenous swam options: quad-copter, Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) b. Design testing procedures and concept of operations (con ops) for FAA guidelines
Effective start/end date7/1/214/30/22


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $140,000.00


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