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"Power of Information" Conference Proceedings (ASUF 30006134) "Power of Information" Conference Proceedings Proposal: The nature of the causal role of information in the physical world is a significant open question across the sciences. As part of the Templeton World Charities Foundations Power of Information Theme, we have been awarded funds to explore The Emergence of Life as a Transition in Causal Architecture. The project aims to identify the key role played by information in the logical re-organization of systems that make the transition to the living state, in an effort to identify the deeper principles at work governing the emergence of life. A part of this effort involves assembling a first class group of researchers across the sciences interested in the causal role of information to participate in a workshop to be held in 2014. The requested FQXI mini grant funds will to support the production of workshop proceedings from this event to be published as a book compiling contributions from workshop participants. The volume will permit dissemination of the outcomes of the workshop to researchers across the globe, presenting cutting-edge research in the causal power of information.
Effective start/end date1/1/141/1/16


  • Foundational Questions Institute: $3,500.00


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