Post-transitional Effects of Rationalization on the Crew Share System and Remuneration in the Alaskan Crab Fishery

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This project will have two components, namely a conceptual component and an applied empirical component associated with the crab rationalization program. The conceptual part will survey literature on crew remuneration and the share system in fisheries, and identify or propose alternative conceptual models describing the relative existence of shares and the determination of proportional share conventions, contrasting conditions between rationalized and non-rationalized fisheries operating under relatively stable equilibria, as well as pre-and post rationalization conditions within particular case-study fisheries. At issue is whether fishery rationalization per se
inherently diminishes incentives that support persistence of share-based crew remuneration or alters the terms to the disadvantage of crewmembers, or if such outcomes are conditional on the institutional design of the rationalization program and may be mitigated by management or other factors. We will use this conceptual framework and information from other fisheries to structure alternative empirical models of labor remuneration for the Alaskan crab fisheries. The empirical component of the study will integrate the extended data series produced by the crab EDR program and other sources used in the Abbott et al. study with new information on postrationalization changes in individual vessel and QS ownership share holdings and crew tenure produced from mining associated crab vessel, QS, and crew permit registries. Using these data and alternative empirical models, the study will test various hypotheses to rigorously identify and explain persistent structural effects on various measures of crew employment and remuneration of cross-sectional differences and changes over time in ownership, tenure, and distribution of rents between physical capital and royalty-bearing quota assets.

ASU will collaborate on technical aspects of the study, perform the statistical analysis, and complete preparation of the manuscript(s).
Effective start/end date9/1/186/30/19


  • DOC: National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): $40,615.00


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