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Positively Apache Junction Positively Apache Junction This is a continuation of the project from fall semester that was designed to reverse the negative internal and external perceptions of Apache Junction. The city has long-standing problems with attracting visitors, business and residents, as a result of those perceptions. The perception problems have distracted people from seeing positive assets and opportunities available to them in the city. Therefore, the city is looking for innovative ways to develop new, productive relationships with people interacting in and with the city, through those assets and opportunities. This semester the approach will differ from the Tourism Plan produced last semester. One group of students will use online GIS mapping tools to locate physical and cultural assets inside, and adjacent to, city limits. Outcomes will inform community based planning processes in the future that further develop the currently available assets. In a parallel effort, other students will engage with city residents to expose historical cultural context through theatrical performance based on residents stories. Those stories can be used in the future to give historical context to visitors and residents alike, creating positive connection points and reasons to explore the city.
Effective start/end date1/19/188/31/18


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $1,250.00


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