Policy Considerations for Improving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program : Making a case for Arizona

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The proposed project will consider these and other issues in an attempt to provide a set of evidence-based recommendations for SNAP in Arizona, which will also be relevant at the federal level and for other states. Literature regarding innovations and enhancements of SNAP (including SNAP-Ed) policies, guidance, and implementation from other states, as well as research on food choice, health-related impacts of particular foods, and the impact of the food environment in low-income communities, will be synopsized. Researchers will consider both published literature as well as reports from state and federal entities. Results of the consideration of the total body of literature will be delineated in the form of qualified policy recommendations. Recommendations will be organized based on strength of available evidence for their potential impact. Potential policy changes that are supported by strong evidence will be rated most highly. Policy changes about which there is little consensus or where evidence is weak will be rated lower. In some cases, recommendations may be listed for which there is no evidence of potential success, depending on the level of interest demonstrated by other state entities.
Effective start/end date5/2/1111/4/11


  • US Department of Agriculture (USDA): $21,308.00


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