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Scope of Work - Arizona State U Diversity There are two major activities ASU will be responsible for: 1. Server Setup The first task will be to develop high-speed networking, analysis, and storage capabilities allowing for near-instantaneous exchange of multiple terra-byte databases between the three state universities. ASU will install, configure and administer the storage server estimated at $18,000. Once set up, the capability will exist for investigators across the state to share data, compare models, and generally leverage the best intellectual resources at all three universities. 2. Staff Effort Staffing will be necessary to set up and to train on framework for the database exchange. Students will be responsible for working with investigators to utilize iPlant based resources (iPlant Data Store, Atmosphere Cloud Platform) for tasks assigned by their supervisors. This will include creating wiki based documentation and participating in training sessions. Total effort estimated at $30,000
Effective start/end date5/24/1312/15/14


  • Arizona Board of Regents: $40,000.00


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