Planetary Science Network Science Education and Public Outreach (SEPOF-CC) K-12 Working Group

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Planetary Science Network Science Education and Public Outreach (SEPOF-CC) K-12 Working Group SEPOF-CC K-12 Working Group Participate on the K-12 Working Group as the Planetary Science EjPO Forum representative o Attend the monthly tag-up o Provide K-12 expertise to the Working Group as needed to help define their activities and recommendations o Participate in Working Group activities, which could include: Identifying current K-12 audience needs, as well as those that may be on the horizon Providing feedback on the product analysis process and products Providing feedback to the developers of the Catalog of Wonders with respect to K-12 audience needs Making recommendations to the SEPOF-CC for ways K-12 programs and products can be more effectively j efficiently used by K-12 audiences, where SMD will receive the greatest return on its investment in K-12 programs j conferences j efforts, etc. Making recommendations as to how the SMD EjPO community can become more efficient and effective in meeting K-12 audience needs (e.g., recommendations for professional development) Serve as the K-12 EjPO Point of Contact for the Planetary Science EjPO Forum o Attend monthly tag-up o Attend weekly Wednesday Professional Development calls as appropriate o Share K-12 Working Group activities, recommendations, plans, etc. o Help the Forum identify community strengths and weaknesses and needs with respect to working with K-12 audiences o Based on these strengths and weaknesses and needs, work with the Forum Professional D.evelopment group to design and implement appropriate professional development offerings. The following timeline will be followed:
Effective start/end date8/22/123/30/14


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $20,675.00


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