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Piper Health Solutions Consortium - Project Account: School of Nutrition and Health Promotion 12102488 For each Of the nine investments from the Piper F\lnd, individual projects and s!lb-proJects will be funded and managed as seed capital wiih a full report on an annual basis not of the science or research results per se but the new teams establishedalid neW proposals submitted/reviewed (with review analysis) and awarded (from any and all sources). These projects in turn will be evaluated as to their impact on health outcomes in Maricopa County, Arizona. An annual progress report on all of these investments will be made to Piper and a bi-annual review of impact on health outcomes will be made to Piper for 10 years following the completion of these investments to capture their impact. Each funded Piper project will be linked to all subsequent projects that may be derived from these strategic investments. All project dollars from Piper will be used only for direct costs with no fees or indirect charges being charged to this investnwnt. ASU will invest these dollars in these projects ollly. If successful in raising lull indirect cost bearing projects, these investments will enabJe the university to greatly expand its research impact locally and its research footprint. Conservative estimates are thatASU will expand its research footprint by -,$30M per year by 2017 with this investment fora more than. a 3: 1 return dudng the life of the investment (including incremental increases during the 2012-2017 timeframe). [n addition, this $30M per year should grow in th\O subsequent 5 years to total more than $150M in new funding, well exceeding the 10:) return before 2022. Each of these investments will be reviewed annually and those l;ieemed inadequate by topic or execution will be replaced, with no change in objectives. ASUis prepared to Iaunch these investments as early as January 1,2012. r would be happy torneet with you or the board at your convenience to review this proposal and answer any questions.
Effective start/end date5/1/126/30/18


  • ASU: OKED Grant Programs: $1,000,000.00


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