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Peptide Array Core Track System Peptide Array Core Track System ABOR Regents Innovation Fund Proposal April 30, 2015 5 customized for their application, or in partnership with the three universities. Ultimately, the facility is envisaged to become self--sustaining from income derived from both fees and grant support. Project Tasks and Measurable Outcomes: The current facility was created with an initial investment from the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at ASU. The instrumentation consists of a spin coater (for delivering chemicals to the wafer), two hot plates (for temperature control) and an aligner (for photo--patterning). The system is entirely manual and can generate ~1.5 wafers (~450 assays) per week. This is insufficient to meet current demands, and the manual spin--coater and hot plate are not made for high volume work, both in terms of reliability and reproducibility. We propose to purchase a track system, which combines the spin coater and hot plates into a semi--automated system. This would roughly double the throughput of the facility, decrease problems of human error and substantially improve processing reproducibility. In addition, it minimizes handling of solvents and other safety hazards by facility personnel. While we put the highest priority on safety in our current protocol, any time one can remove human involvement from handling of such materials, risk is decreased. The proposed period is 1 year. The equipment will be ordered in the first month (there is some customization associated with the order that will need to be specified) and the company has estimated 10--12 weeks for delivery. During that time we will also perform the required renovation and purchase some small items needed for use with the instrument. We have budgeted 1 year of time for the individual who will take charge of specifying the order, guiding the renovation, installing the instrument and then developing the larger user base. Once the user base has been established, the facility should be self--supporting (as it is currently). Workshops will be given on a regular basis for all Arizona university partners, focusing on training students and assisting them in adapting the technology as they design their own experimental protocols. Workshops will also be given to external users from commercial and other public organizations that demonstrate viable need. At the end of the funding period, the final report will provide statistics on the use of the facility, an analysis of the growth in usage due to this investment and projections on what the facility will enable in the following three years. Budget Item Cost Description Track System $300,000 See attached quote for details Renovation and small handling equipment $25,000 Addition or movement of electrical outlets, water lines, exhaust lines, gas lines 1 year management personnel $75,000 Includes benefits
Effective start/end date7/1/1512/31/16


  • Arizona Board of Regents: $400,000.00


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