Peer-to-Peer Insurance - Blockchain implications

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Peer-to-Peer Insurance - Blockchain implications Peer-to-Peer Insurance - Blockchain implications The technology of blockchain simultaneously represents the distributed and immutable ledger as well as distributed architecture of trust between heterogenous agents. As such, it is a perfect enabler for disruptive changes in the insurance industry. Ad hoc organizations of people to participate in insurance pools, define policies, settle claims and participate in sharing of remaining balances, all add to the appeal of peer-to-peer insurance. The blockchain technology in conjunction with smart contracts is the go-to technology for this use case, and enthralls those who want to remove the barriers of entry in insurance industry and undermine the existing actors. However, the question of pricing and risk sharing in this highly networked context remains. The aim of this proposal is to qualitatively characterize these two questions give their setting.
Effective start/end date10/18/192/28/21


  • Society of Actuaries: $52,457.00


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