Pedometer-Based Activity Assessment Pilot project

Project: Research project


Scope of Work TITLE: Pedometer-Based Activity Assessment Pilot project. DETAILS: To get this project under way McKing must prepare and send a subcontract agreement to you for this work. Below is the Statement of Work. Tasks to be Performed: 1) Develop a brief questionnaire about walking behavior [purpose (transportation, leisure, work); frequency and duration of each bout; etc.). 2) Coordinate the mailing of the pedometers, instructions and questionnaire to BRFSS participants who agree to participate in this pilot study. 3) Coordinate the follow-up of participants to ensure pedometers and surveys are returned. Track response rates. 4) Obtain BRFSS data to characterize participant demographics (age, sex, race/ethnicity, employment status) and assess self-reported physical activity. 5) Obtain data from pedometers. 6) Provide 100 hours of expertise in physical activity assessment (self-report and pedometers) Project Deliverables: 1). a report describing the feasibility of using pedometers to assess walking behaviors in conjunction with BRFSS. The lessons learned and results will provide critical information about the potential for the application of this methodology for walking surveillance on a national level.
Effective start/end date11/15/1312/31/14


  • HHS: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): $25,450.00


Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Leisure Activities
Self Report
Surveys and Questionnaires