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PBIS: Peoria Unified School District PBIS: Peoria Unified School District The primary purpose of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to establish a comprehensive and focused effort to improve the capacity of educators, administrators and education professionals to address their specific school discipline needs and enable the development of positive teaching and learning environments. ASU partnered with the Arizona Department of Education to provide this training to Arizona school districts. However, the projects federal funding ends in June 2010 due to budget cuts. PBIS and School Wide PBIS (SW-PBIS) are a framework for improving academic and behavioral outcomes of students. It is not a curriculum, program, or a single behavior intervention. It consists of four components: 1) Data collection procedures and processes for decision-making, 2) Practices that include behavioral expectations training and reinforcement for students and staff, 3) a System that supports implementation of data and practices, 4) measurable Outcomes that include reduced disruptive behaviors and suspensions as well as increased student achievement, school climate and safety. Year One of training focuses on creating systems and collecting data. Year Two focuses on implementing practices and measuring outcomes. Year Three and beyond focuses on targeted and individualized behavior supports for students with the most challenging behaviors.
Effective start/end date8/1/106/30/11


  • LOCAL: Arizona School District: $24,000.00


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