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Pathways for the Future Program Pathways for the Future Program The Pathways for the Future (PFF) Initiative proposes that ASU and State Farm partner to address the 21st century workforce skills gap. The Pathways for the Future (PFF) Initiative will draw from three key learner populations: high school students, community college students, workers/employees with upskilling needs. The entry point will be one of three Open Scale academic tracks (STEM/Engineering, Business Leadership, and Humanities/Social Sciences) offered by EdPlus. Core credits for each track include computer engineering/STEM content. As program participants (Pathway Scholars) progress through the PFF program, they will be encouraged to: 1) enroll in ASU to complete a 4-year degree; 2) enroll in MCCCD via the MAPPS program to complete their associates degree and/or transfer to ASU enroll in ASU directly to complete a 4-year degree; and/or 3) complete online micro-credential programs aimed at upskilling to prepare students for jobs of the future. Ultimately, we hope the State Farm Pathways for the Future Program will provide a pipeline of students for Fulton Engineering, CLAS, W.P. Carey, and other units across ASU. Per State Farms request, PFF will include a Career Services component tentatively named the State Farm Career Transitions and Success Center (CTSC). (See attached proposal.) Embedded in ASUs Career & Professional Development Services, the CTSC will serve as a key component of the proposed Pathways for the Future Initiative. CTSCs mission will be to ensure that Pathways Scholars are career ready, able to immediately enter or re-enter the workforce upon coursework completion, and poised to advance in meaningful careers which match their interests and skills sets. The Pathways for the Future Initiative will launch in January-February of 2020.
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/31/24


  • State Farm Foundation: $5,000,000.00


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