Particle-based Simulation of Microscopic Thermal Properties of Confined Systems

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In this document, we propose the continuation of a research program whose goal is the development of a modeling approach for the thermal management of solid-state devices at the microscopic level. By the full inclusion of the phonon dynamics within the framework of charge transport, we will implement extremely efficient microscopic models in CAD tools for the design of electron devices where the generation and the transport of thermal energy are functionally coupled with their electrical specifications. After successfully identifying many challenges of such approach, we initiated a research program meant to address them. Given the broad range of those challenges, we solved a subset of crucial issues that assessed the feasibility of the whole program in terms of realistic allocation of time and resources. While completing our research tasks, we encountered and solved unexpected problems that required a more general approach to the models and their implementation within the simulation code. With these resulting improvements to the physical model as well as the algorithmic and numerical improvements to the code, we are now ready to complete the next phase of the program by developing a more general model of coupled electro-thermal transport, for which we propose an extension of the funding for a period of 14 months.
Effective start/end date4/30/1010/30/14


  • DOD: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): $695,463.00


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