OPS08003: Outdoor Field Exposure Tests on OptiSolar photovoltaic modules

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OPS08003: Outdoor Field Exposure Tests on OptiSolar photovoltaic modules OPS08003: Outdoor Field Exposure Tests on OptiSolar photovoltaic modules The ASU Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory will conduct long-term exposure field tests for OptiSolar. The test field will consist of four modules mounted on an open-rack at latitude tilt, loaded with a fixed resistor near the rated maximum power point of the module. The following data will be reported to OptiSolar on a monthly basis for one year: - Weather data (ambient temperature, humidity, latitude and horizontal irradiance); - Temps of every module; -DC Voltage of each module; - DC Current of each module; Data will be collected in 5-minute intervals for a period of one year. An email summary will be provided to OptiSolar in monthly intervals. The reported results are for OptiSolar's information only, and shall not be redistributed without the written approval of ASU-PTL; and the data provided therein relate only to the module(s)/component(s) tested at the date(s) of testing and do not guarantee any past or future performance/safety. Neither Arizona State University nor the Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory nor any of their employees assumes any liability arising out of the report. Modules submitted for testing will not be returned unless specifically requested by OptiSolar. If a return of the modules is needed, all packaging, shipping arrangements and fees must be incurred by OptiSolar. Unless ASU-PTL is notified in advance, all shipping materials will be disposed shortly after their arrival. ASU-PTL assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of modules following the completion of the test program. Tested modules may be donated to local schools, universities, and students for educational use in ASUPTL's Educational Module Program after one year from the project completion.
Effective start/end date7/3/0812/31/09


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $13,743.00


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