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Online Structure English Immersion (SEI) Online Structure English Immersion (SEI) Prior to the fall 2008 semester, the used Pearson as the contractor that provided the content of the SEI 45-hour Completion course hosted through the IDEAL portal of Arizona State University (ASU). This arrangement needed to be revisited for several reasons. One of these reasons was the changed direction of Arizonas approach to the education of English Language Learners (ELLs). A second reason was that of the cost of licensing the content from Pearson. It was decided that the best way to address these issues was for the Office of English Language Services (OELAS) to develop its own course that would be delivered through the same IDEAL portal. It was decided that this course would be developed in time to be available for the fall, 2008 semester. Subsequent to this decision, a meeting was held with representatives of IDEAL to discuss expectations and to set deadlines. It was decided that OELAS would deliver a rough draft of the content by September 10, 2008 so that it could be reviewed and edited by both OELAS and IDEAL in preparation of the October 15th launch date. The decision was made that only 15 sections of 30 participants would be made available for the fall, 2008 semester so that OELAS could continue to modify the course based on input. There will be 30 sections of 30 participants open for subsequent semesters and this figure would be subject to revision based on need.
Effective start/end date10/1/089/30/09


  • Arizona Department of Education: $152,713.00


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