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Online MOOC Course Professional Development for Teacher Trainers Online MOOC Course: Professional Development for Teacher Trainers I. Subrecipient Background and Capacity Arizona State Universitys Global Launch provides non-credit English courses for international students, academic preparation services, capacity building programs to improve educational outcomes and professional capabilities, and digital products and services to enhance the efficacy of language teaching, capacity building programs, and academic preparation services. ASU has delivered and created MOOCs for ESL teachers and study abroad professionals, funded by the Department of State, on the Coursera and EdX platforms and has been delivering the Professional Development for Teacher Trainers course for the Online Professional English Network (OPEN) Program (formerly AE E-Teacher) since September 2018. II. Background has previously worked with Arizona State University to develop the PDTT curriculum, and ASU has delivered the PDTT course as part of the Global Program for several years. Under this award, awardee will coordinate with to select a pool of high-performing alumni to serve as MOOC facilitators. The awardee will develop a plan for and provide training to mentor alumni facilitators to provide feedback and interaction in the MOOCs Content Support Discussion Forum and module discussion forums. The awardee will develop a plan and schedule for assigning alumni to engage in discussion forums over a period of six months during which the course will be offered as a self-paced MOOC, assigning a lead facilitator to manage this work and monitor assigned facilitators to ensure that alumni facilitator responses are timely and appropriate. During the 24-week period of course delivery, between June 7 and November 22, 2021, the awardee will: i. Supervise Alumni Facilitators. ii. Deploy weekly announcements recapping highlights of the previous weeks content and interaction and reviewing any gaps in knowledge that emerged. iii. Monitor the Content Support Discussion Forum and respond or coordinate the response of alumni facilitators, as appropriate. iv. Monitor the Canvas Inbox and respond to content-related questions. Direct participants with technical questions to s support inbox. v. Coordinate the response of alumni facilitators to posts in module discussion forums, as appropriate. vi. Provide as needed updates to s Technical Monitor on course engagement, the activities of alumni facilitators, and any issues that arise. III. Goal and Objectives a. The goal of this award is to support online professional development opportunities for English language educators worldwide that support mutual understanding between Americans and the people of other countries. b. Objectives i. Increase access of non-native English-speaking professionals to high-quality professional development opportunities and open educational resources; ii. To build the capacity of English teaching professionals to effectively teach English, train others, disseminate knowledge and positively impact the field of TESOL in their home countries, thereby multiplying the impact of the OPEN Program; iii. To increase understanding of U.S. society, culture and values and provide opportunities for OPEN participants to share aspects of their culture, society and values with American citizens and participants from other countries.
Effective start/end date5/3/2112/13/21


  • DOS: Bureau Of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA): $14,251.00


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