On-Chip Integrated Photonics based Photocathodes

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On-Chip Integrated Photonics based Photocathodes On-Chip Integrated Photonics based Photocathodes In this proposal, we aim to apply the advances made in the field of photonics and nanofabrication to photoemission based electron sources (photocathodes) and develop brighter electron beams for various accelerator and ultrafast electron scattering applications of interest to the Basic Energy Sciences, High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics programs of the Department of Energy. For most linear accelerator applications, photocathodes have conflicting requirements of high quantum efficiency, low intrinsic emittance and quick response time. The conflicts arise from the adverse correlations between these metrics due to the nature of the photoemission process. Here we aim to break these adverse correlations by spatially and temporally manipulating the absorption of incident light and the transport of excited electrons at nano-meter length scales using on-chip photonic waveguides designed to guide light to precise locations into the bulk of the cathode. This integration of photonics with photocathodes also allows for the development of a new method of spatio-temporal electron beam shaping at sub-micron, sub-100 femto second scales to mitigate the brightness degrading effects of space charge.
Effective start/end date9/25/209/24/22


  • DOE: Office of Science (OS): $300,000.00


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