NWP 2014-2016 SEED Teacher Leadership Development

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NWP 2014-2016 SEED Teacher Leadership Development NWP 2014-2016 SEED Teacher Leadership Development The CAWP plans to use this grant to respond to the sites leadership needs by offering a series of Advanced Invitational Institutes and Saturday Institutes on different aspects of the teaching of K-12 writing across disciplines. One challenge we face is that educators have diverse and full work schedules, responsibilities, etc., which make multiple day meetings and institutes challenging. Also, we are located in the desert and most teachers in our area leave the state in the summer to escape the heat. To adjust to this local challenge, we have found that offering Saturday Institutes during the academic year and short (1-2 day) Advanced Institutes in the summer gives us a way to better reach more teachers. In 2014- 1015, we plan to offer a fairly flexible and accessible series of offerings for local KUniversity teachers to take part in leadership and professional development opportunities. More specifically, we plan to offer 3 Saturday Institutes for returning CAWP fellows and KUniversity teachers within the greater Phoenix area. Each of these events will be open to up to 30 teachers and will be led by CAWP teacher consultants. Next, we plan to offer two Advanced Invitational Institutes on the teaching of writing across disciplines during Summer 2014 and Summer 2015. Each of these institutes will be open to up to 20 teachers and led by CAWP teacher consultants. We are hoping to expand our partnership with the Arizona Science Center and offer one of these Saturday Institutes at the ASC for formal and informal educators. We also plan to support teacher leadership by supporting teacher leaders from the CAWP network to attend and present at local and national conferences. And, we hope to provide teachers with professional resources and materials on the teaching of writing.
Effective start/end date6/6/1410/31/15


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $9,200.00


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