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NWP 2014-2015 Writing Our Future NWP 2014-2015 Writing Our Future The Central Arizona Writing Project (CAWP) is providing more than 30 hours of sustained professional development in the teaching of writing to teachers at Arizona State University Preparatory Academy (ASU Prep) in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. As the partner school for the 2013-2014 NWP SEED Professional Development in a High-Need School Grant, CAWP and ASU Prep are mutually invested in continuing our collaboration by supplementing this innovative professional development work in the teaching of writing with a Family Academic Literacy project for k-3 English learners and their families during 2014-2015. ASU Prep is a free-public K-11 charter school sponsored by Arizona State University (ASU) in partnership with Phoenix Elementary School District in Phoenix, Arizona. This school serves over 1100 students and 70% of the schools student body are Latino/a and reside in the urban downtown neighborhood surrounding the school. Sixty-nine percent of the students come from homes where Spanish or another language other than English is spoken. ASU Prep receives Title I funds with over 74% of the schools student body qualifying for free or reduced lunch (NCES, 2013). Over the past four years, we have developed a strong working relationship and collaboration with the ASU Prep teaching staff and the administrative team. Over 40% of the teaching staff at ASU Prep have gone through the CAWP Invitational Summer Institute and actively participate in CAWP continuity and in-service programs. Through the support of the 2013-2014 NWP SEED Professional Development in a High-Need School Grant, the ASU Prep administrative team along with the CAWP leadership team is successfully implementing an innovative professional development program in the teaching of writing with a core group of 11 grade 4-8 teachers. These teachers are participating in a yearlong teacher inquiry group on the teaching of college and career-ready writing. ASU Prep has provided professional development time during school hours once a month as a part of the elementary and middle school teachers professional development planning period designated for literacy. The inquiry group is a platform for teachers to launch, conduct, and write-up teacher-led inquiry projects on the teaching of college and career-ready writing in their classrooms. The group has developed into a dynamic and collaborative professional inquiry team. The NWP 2014-2015 Writing Our Future grant represents an opportunity for CAWP to extend the strong leadership cohort and progressive educational climate that already exists at ASU Prep and to supplement the successful work of the High-Need School Grant. After having experienced the benefits of on-going, co-planned professional development with CAWP, ASU Preps faculty and administration are eager to extend this partnership to develop a year-long afterschool Family Writing Project for k-3 students and parents. Preliminary conversations with Deborah Gonzalez, Chief Academic Officer at ASU Prep, and Dr. Josephine Marsh, Professor in Residence for ASU Prep, about further partnering have been productive and bidirectional. Two elementary teachers, a second grade teacher and a third grade teacher, have elected to serve on the leadership team for this project to co-construct and implement a Family Academic Literacy program focused on family writing for ASU Prep k-3 English Language Learners and their families along with 2 teacher consultants from CAWP. This proposed project supplements, extends, and deepens the professional development on the teaching of college and career-writing inquiry work that has taken place with the support of the NWP High-Need School Grant by providing teacher leaders from ASU Prep and CAWP with a unique and collaborative leadership, teaching, and inquiry opportunity focused on family academic literacy. This project also extends ASU AZ CAWP 2 Preps pre-established commitment to family involvement and outreach. The Family Literacy Project will provide a wonderful venue for parents to take part in their childrens literacy growth at the school.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • Kellogg (W.K.) Foundation: $15,000.00


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