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Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) FY22 Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) FY22 This application is to request funds for loans to students enrolled in the advanced education nursing programs in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation (ECONHI) at Arizona State University (ASU). The project purpose is to increase the number of qualified nursing faculty prepared at the masters and doctoral level to serve as full-time nurse faculty in schools of nursing within the United States. The purpose is consistent with that of the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) . . . to increase the number of qualified nurse faculty authorized the Public Health Service Act, Section 846(A) (42 U.S.C. 297n-1). Priority for funding will be given to doctoral students who are committed to teaching in academic settings following graduation. The Nurse Educator Masters option is designed to provide a transition from Bachelors to Masters (MS), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) depending on the students career goals. Students in the MS program select a concentration in nursing education which builds on the MS in Nursing foundational requirements in theory and direct care. PhD students may select nursing education as a substantive area of study or take education electives leading to a certificate. DNP students may take education electives leading to a certificate and serve as a teaching assistant one semester. Program features of the nurse educator concentration and courses include state-of-the-art instructional technologies, culturally responsive pedagogies, research and educational theory that will enhance their role as a 21stCentury nurse educators. The Nurse Educator courses are taught online through EdPlus, which includes state of the art online teaching methodologies. The doctoral programs include blended and online course delivery. As of Spring 2019 ASU utilizes the learning management system called Canvas for computer-mediated online instruction. With the current national emphasis on expanding doctoral education and preparing educators at the PhD and DNP levels, ECONHI continues to make a concerted effort to expand the marketing for these programs and to implement bolder curricular revisions and options that will attract students into the nurse educator roles. Goals of this project are focused on four major outcomes which are to continue to: (a) provide support for masters and doctoral students in nursing who are preparing to become nurse faculty, (b) increase the amount of awards to students eligible for NFLP funding with a preference given to doctoral students; (c) expand the number of students utilizing the NFLP Loan program for financial support of their preparation as nurse educators; (d) increase the number of underrepresented minorities who can take advantage of the NFLP program; and (e) expand efforts to insure placement of graduates in teaching positions post-graduation. As of fall 2020 there were 686 students in the Graduate Nursing Programs, 245 DNP students, 36 PhD, 17 MS Nursing Education (NED) students and 16 MS Nursing students with focus on quality and safety, and 75 MEPN students. Fifty-seven students have participated in the NFLP program since AY 2007-2008. Of the 57 NFLP program participants, 30 were enrolled in the doctoral program and 27 were enrolled in the MS degree program. Nine continuing and nine new awardees are expected to receive NFLP support in AY 2021-2022.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/22


  • HHS: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA): $269,999.00


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