NSF TUES1 Vintegration: Positioning Engineers for Urban Sustainability Transition Strategy Development

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The co-PIs will (i) develop a sustainable urban infrastructure-focused project-based learning (PBL) course framework for upper division undergraduates, (ii) incorporate lower division undergraduates through cross-course consultation to bridge sustainability concepts across multiple engineering core courses, (iii) train graduate students to lead teams of undergraduates in their research efforts, (iv) incorporate regional/city policy and decision makers to guide the PBL course, and (v) create a knowledge hub at ASUs Urban Sustainability Lab for other educators to access information about the project to implement the framework at their own universities. By integrating sustainability concepts through PBL into existing undergraduate civil and construction engineering courses, the students improve their complex-problem-solving skills. By fostering collaboration between upper and lower division undergraduates in multiple courses, the proposed framework offers an opportunity for younger students to see how concepts taught in introductory courses are applied in future courses. By engaging graduate students in mentoring undergraduates, they will develop and sharpen their mentoring and advising skills that will be critical for their faculty careers. Moreover, the graduate students can disseminate the framework at other universities if they choose to enter academe.
Effective start/end date8/15/137/31/17


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $196,619.00


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