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Next Gen Advising Technologies Next Gen Advising Technologies There has been an increase in new technologies and innovations that have enabled post-secondary institutions to scale advising support, and begin to address significant issues related to advisory capacity to provide meaningful support to students, especially those from low-income households and students of color. This project aims to assess the landscape of NextGen advising technology providers and products to assess their potential to expand advising capacity and improve quality of advising supports. In addition to a comprehensive supplier landscape analysis, the team will conduct deep dives with two post-secondary institutions (ASU and one additional institution to be determined in collaboration with BMGF) to understand how these NextGen technologies integrate with existing institutional tech stacks. Findings from this project will be developed into a comprehensive white paper for the field that will allow university leaders to better support student success, retention, and graduation rates through access to insights on market trends, best practices, and the future trajectory of NextGen advising solutions through and beyond COVID-19.
Effective start/end date10/1/206/14/21


  • Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation: $725,232.00


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