NEESR: Performance Based Seismic Design of Geomembrane Liner Systems for Waste Containment

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Abstract: Centrifuge physical model testing and bench-top laboratory tests will be employed to reduce uncertainties associated with performance based seismic design of geomembrane liner systems for waste containment. Recent advanced numerical analyses of waste-geomembrane interaction have demonstrated that the conventional seismic performance criterion for geomembrane liners in waste containments systems is inadequate. The ability of the advanced numerical analyses to predict the performance of geomembrane liners subject to seismic loads was demonstrated through comparison with physical model test results and field case histories. However, significant uncertainties regarding the axial stress-strain behavior of geomembranes, the stress-strain behavior of geomembrane-soil interfaces, and strain concentrations due to irregularities in geomembranes introduce significant uncertainties into these liner system seismic performance analyses. By reducing these uncertainties through centrifuge model testing at the NSF-funded NEES shared use facility at UC Davis and benchtop testing in the ASU laboratory, this project will facilitate more accurate, and thus more economical and safer, performance based seismic design of geomembranes used in waste containment.
Effective start/end date7/1/1212/31/15


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $299,998.00


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