Native American Pipeline to Law Program Admissions Workshop - Renewal - 1

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Native American Pipeline to Law Program Admissions Workshop - Renewal - 1 Native American Pipeline to Law Program Admissions Workshop - Renewal - 1 Our goal is to raise the law school admission rate of Native Americans by providing intensive pre-law advising to improve understanding of the application process and dramatically improve application packages. Students benefit from detailed guidance through the law school admission process, informing them in great detail about a process that is otherwise opaque. They will learn to target their materials for successful application, to prioritize grades while they still have time to affect them, and the importance of focusing on LSAT preparation. The Program consists of: Part 1: Prelaw advising: An intensive Native American Law Student Admission Workshop will bring a competitive pool of 28 NA college students and graduates together to learn how to prepare for and succeed in the law school application process. The five day session will be held at Berkeley Law in June, 2019. The anticipated outcome is to increase the number of Native American students successfully applying for law school. The Workshop includes full discussion of the application process, school selection, how to write a personal statement, letters of reference, the importance of the LSAT, and information on financing legal education. Part 2: Improve LSAT performance: We will pay for LSAT preparation courses and/or tutoring for each student who attends the workshop, with the goal of increasing the LSAT scores of NA students and thus their acceptance rate into law school. Our first two years of workshops which include discussing the importance of the LSAT and providing prep classes reveal some deeper issues than just financial barriers. Our data shows that there may be more to the avoidance of LSAT taking and preparation, and that other than financial support is required. We will now be personally discussing the LSAT with each student, and to execute other forms of support (staying in touch, understanding any interference that arises, learning of disengagement early on).
Effective start/end date2/1/191/31/20


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $30,000.00


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