National Center for Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making in Healthcare Project 2B: (CDS Adaptation) Modeling of Setting-Specific Factors to Enhan

  • Greenes, Robert (PI)

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This application is to establish a National Center for Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making in Healthcare (NCCD) to respond to the urgent and long-term cognitive challenges in Health Information Technology (HIT) adoption and meaningful use. NCCD is a eightinstitution collaborative program led by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. NCCDs vision is to become a national resource providing strategic leadership in patient-centered cognitive support research and applications in healthcare. NCCDs mission is to (1) bring together a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of researchers across the nation with the highest level of expertise in patient-centered cognitive support research from biomedical and health informatics, cognitive science, computer science, clinical sciences, industrial and systems engineering, and health services research areas; (2) conduct short-term research that addresses the urgent usability, workflow, and cognitive support issues of HIT as well as long-term, breakthrough research that can fundamentally remove the key cognitive barriers to HIT adoption and meaningful use; and (3) translate research findings to the real world through a cooperative program involving researchers, patients, providers, HIT vendors, and other stakeholders to maximize the benefits of HIT for healthcare quality, efficiency, and safety. NCCD will carry out six individual projects with the support of three cores and the advice of three committees to deliver short and long-term outcomes that will have a major impact on removing the cognitive barriers to HIT adoption and meaningful use. A Project Advisory Committee composed of representatives from academia, HIT vendors, hospitals, physician groups, patient groups, payers, and government programs will give strategic advice to the Center. A Scientific Committee composed of each projects leader and one advisor will evaluate scientific progress and set research agendas. And an Operations Committee will direct the dayto- day operations of the center and its three cores. Center projects, cores, and committee will be delineated as follows: Project 1: Work-Centered Design of Care Process Improvements in HIT . Project 2A: Cognitive Foundations for Decision Making: Implications for Decision Support . Project 2B: Modeling of Setting-Specific Factors to Enhance Clinical Decision Support Adaptation . Project 3: Automated Model-Based Clinical Summarization of Key Patient Data . Project 4: Cognitive Information Design and Visualization: Enhancing Accessibility and Understanding of Patient Data . Project 5: Improving Communication in Distributed Team Environments . Administrative Core . Dissemination Core . Laboratory Core . Project Advisory Committee . Scientific Committee . Operations Committee
Effective start/end date4/1/109/30/14


  • US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS): $895,467.00


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