NASA Proposal Writing and Evaluation Experience Academy(NPWEEA) Enabling NASAs Next Generation Workforce to Complete Competent,Selectable Proposals to Meet NASAs Needs

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Enabling and equipping the emerging NASA workforce to be able to generate and successfully propose novel ideas as solutions to meet NASAs agency-wide technological needs is an essential step to help ensure a productive and forward-leaning agency. This proposal builds upon the work started through the NASA Proposal Workshop and Evaluation Experience (NPWEE Program) and expands the scope and reach as an interactive workforce development training tool that will empower the emerging workforce to successfully engage in NASAs proposal opportunities. This proposal focuses on MSFC Technology needs and directly utilize the NASA Technology Roadmap (Taxonomy) within the proposed NPWEEA curriculum to enable students to become familiar with MSFCs technology capabilities.

The NPWEEA Program includes two tracks that leverage existing NASA partnerships with Arizona State University, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), and NASA SMD. The first track expands the national NASA Lucy Mission Student Collaboration the Lucy Student Pipeline Accelerator and Competency Enabler (LSPACE) Program. LSPACE, sponsored and funded by NASA SMD, is under the Lucy Mission (SwRI is the PI institution) and is managed by Arizona State University (Institution of the NPWEEA PI). LSPACE is a highly successful NASA virtual workforce development project that focuses on engineering and science students interested in NASA as a career pathway. Through the 12-week interactive sessions of the Mission Concept Academy, students engage in team-based projects that are completed through distributed science and engineering teams, learning essential elements of mission conceptualization, budgets, schedules, and how to optimize teams to complete their idea in the form of their deliverable of a preliminary design review (PDR) document.
Effective start/end date6/24/198/31/21


  • NASA: Marshall Space Flight Center: $75,000.00


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