MURI: Understanding and Controlling the Coupled Electrical Chemical Mechanical Excitable Networks of Living Systems

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Our main objective is to elucidate the characteristic timescales of the dynamics and characteristic length scales on which intracellular excitable networks can be guided, triggered or inhibited. We will focus on electrical stimulation, which can be applied repeatedly with existing fast and small device platforms for the processing of electrical signals. This insight will inform the design of cell scale man-machine interfaces and augmented reality devices.

Single cell electric stimulation and measurement, and collective cell perturbations
Design and build electrodes for targeted single-point and spatiotemporarlly patterned stimulation. We will also actively participate in the experiments using these electrodes and devices for understanding the coupling between biochemical-electric-mechanical signaling pathways in our collaboration with all other groups.
Effective start/end date4/1/163/31/21


  • DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): $1,749,985.00

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