MURI: Dielectric Enhancements For Innovative Electronics

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MURI: Dielectric Enhancements For Innovative Electronics Dielectric Enhancements For Innovative Electronics Understanding the science of dielectric/III-V interfaces is critical for maximizing the tremendous potential that these heterostructures offer beyond the current SixNy/III-V standard, which is plagued by high interface state densities (>51012 cm-2eV-1) and other poorlyunderstood defects. There is an urgent need for understanding the science and developing a technology for suitable high-K dielectrics as low-leakage gate insulators, and for low-K dielectric materials as spacer layers, mechanical supports, and effective surface passivation to reduce capacitances. To achieve these aims the team led by Professor Umesh Misra of the University of California Santa Barbara will focus on the GaN system, in which the team has strong expertise and the potential payoff of success is tremendous. It is expected that the analysis methodology developed in this MURI will be generally applicable to other material systems.
Effective start/end date8/1/1010/28/16


  • DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR): $625,000.00


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