MSP - Mesa Higley Tempe and Casa Grande School Districts

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MSP - Mesa Higley Tempe and Casa Grande School Districts MSP - Mesa, Higley, Tempe and Casa Grande School Districts ASU will play the primary role of coordination of the PD program; collaborate on the PD design; participate in lesson preparation and implementation; collaborate with project leadership on oversight and monitoring, and serve as primary contact for all ASU issues: 1. Design and conduct three six-hour Saturday Professional Development sessions during each academic year and two intensive three-week Summer Institutes (96 contact hours each) in 2013 and 2014. a. Provide these courses for credit should teachers choose to pay tuition and fees. b. Course content will be on structure of matter, energy, and Science and Engineering practices. 2. Work with the external evaluator on data collection, analyses, and dissemination 3. Represent ASU in project meetings, planning, and reporting
Effective start/end date11/1/1212/30/14


  • Arizona Department of Education: $159,312.00


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