MPD 97-12: SPR116 - Product Evaluation Services MATERIALS: Subcommittee: Pipe

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MPD 97-12: SPR116 - Product Evaluation Services MATERIALS: Subcommittee: Pipe MPD 97-12: SPR116 - Product Evaluation Services ? MATERIALS Subcommittee: Pipe PROJECT TASKS Task 1: Review and evaluate product applications contained in Table 1. Evaluate the information submitted by the manufacturer regarding the properties of the materials, the relevance of the submission and areas of application. Compile a list of the specifications that the product must meet in accordance to ADOT requirements. Compare the proposed material in accordance to ADOT specifications. Conduct an analysis of the product being proposed and determine if additional evaluation by ADOT is warranted. Conduct additional investigation if necessary. Evaluate the completed package of information. Document the process so that this approach can be used for similar materials. Deliverable(s): 1. Prepare and present a written evaluation of each product application. 2. Make a recommendation regarding the approval of the product based on the available information. Task 2: Attend quarterly PEC meeting(s) and the DWD committee as needed. Materials PEC meetings are generally held at the Materials Group conference room located at 1221 N 21st Ave in Phoenix. Deliverable(s): 1. Present recommendation for each product application. Task 3 Provide Technical Support to Pipe Subcommittee in accomplishing the following subtasks. Task 3A Attend Pipe Subcommittee meeting as needed. Attend subcommittee meeting(s) as needed. Estimated hours thirty (30) hours. Task 3B Assist subcommittee chairperson with developing meeting agendas and preparing draft notes for subcommittee review. Coordinate the distribution of final notes with the subcommittee chairperson. Assemble the meeting notes, and develop a prioritization plan for the Pipe subcommittee. Task 3C Assist subcommittee chairperson with developing a questionnaire for other state DOTs regarding use of LRFD method and the effect on fill height tables. Coordinate with ADOT PM on ADOTs distribution of the questionnaires. Evaluate and process questionnaire responses. Compare other agencies evaluation criteria used for product evaluation. Task 3D develop a draft specifications and Guidelines for Pipe evaluation and specifications for APL subcategory P-1. Deliverable(s): 1. Summary of recommendations for pipe selection criteria using LRFD method. 2. Submit DOT questionnaire for ADOTs distribution. 3. Draft specifications and/or guidelines for APL subcategory(s) for pipe.
Effective start/end date5/29/126/30/14


  • US Department of Transportation (DOT): $44,000.00


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