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MOOC: Creating & Implementing Online Courses MOOC: Creating & Implementing Online Courses a. The goal of this award is to support online professional development opportunities for English language educators worldwide that support mutual understanding between Americans and the people of other countries. b. Objectives i. Increase access of non-native English-speaking professionals to high-quality professional development opportunities and open educational resources; ii. To build the capacity of English teaching professionals and other professionals to effectively teach English, train others, disseminate knowledge and positively impact the field of TESOL or other fields in their home countries, thereby multiplying the impact of the OPEN Program; iii. To increase understanding of U.S. society, culture and values and provide opportunities for OPEN participants to share aspects of their culture, society and values with American citizens and participants from other countries.
Effective start/end date1/9/2310/30/23


  • FHI 360: $21,165.00


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