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Mohave Mohave For 15 years running, research has shown that PBS and our member stations have earned the trust of the American public and are succeeding in providing children with programming and services to help them succeed in school and life, said PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger. In a time when trust in the media has come into question, we are proud that PBS and our member stations remain unmatched in trust and value to our nation. Arizona PBS is the local member station that serves statewide with face to face local community relationships, prioritized around families with young children and educators starting with local and regionally based staff, research and evidence based online digital resources, and on air programming. Arizona PBS will provide Parenting Outreach and Awareness (POA) according to FTF Standard of Practice to increase families awareness of positive parenting practices; child development, including health, nutrition, early learning and language acquisition; and knowledge of available services and supports to enhance their childs overall development. The intent of service delivery is to focus on positive parenting practices through the overall message that consistent and nurturing relationships are important in early childhood. POA strategy implementation will include parenting activities and workshops provided in each of the 11 sub-regions of La Paz/Mohave in collaboration with any existing parenting activities such as workshops and events, earned media and paid advertisement. Families will be encouraged to focus their use of social media and the Bright By Text (BBT) service as sources of parenting. These social media/digital platforms will be used to sustain parenting outreach and awareness efforts face to face across the region. Back to School Fall and Winter celebration Arizona PBS Parent Resource Fairs will be customized to kick off the season for multigenerational families in each of the 11 sub-region communities. This opportunity will provide a chance for adults to familiarize themselves and sign up for Workshops and Parent Support Groups, and meet other FTF grantees and service providers in the vicinity, and receiving health and developmental screenings. It will be a time when community members indicate their top choices to focus on personal growth in the coming months. Choices included will be from evidence-based curriculum including U.S. Department of Education Ready to Learn STEM and early literacy series for families with children not yet in kindergarten, ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) prevention and resilience workshops, Sesame Street in Communities workshops (resilience, dealing with divorce, incarceration, military deployment, and food scarcity), and health & early childhood development series (including emotional and physical health). Each of these will be supported by online/text outreach from BBT leading to Zero to Three, PBS Parents, and Vroom resources, along with Parent Support Groups with facilitator-led conversations focused on the evidence-based curriculum authored by Dr. Charles & Jim Fay, Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years. Arizona PBS will provide up to 198 parenting outreach and awareness activities (96 TSUs required), including 5 workshops per region per grant cycle (55 annually), monthly support groups for each sub-region (121 annually), adult-child interaction opportunities, and Arizona PBS Parent Resource Fairs twice annually (22 total) in each sub region along with earned and paid media will be provided in La Paz/Mohave region. In a duplicated count, it is estimated that 5,942 adults and children will be served. According to the regional needs and assets 2018 report, Arizona PBS focus will be on multigenerational family support for the region and its 11 sub regions, given the low level of education among parents in the region, the number of children living in poverty who are at risk, and the significant number of children who are involved in the child welfare system. Arizona PBS will work closely with all FTF La Paz/Mohave Regional grantees and other service providers to meet the multi-pronged family support services needs. This includes regular outreach and communication with Court Teams and professionals, agencies and caregivers involved in those trainings that are specific to infant-toddler mental health; as well as outreach and communication to those professionals providing home visitation services for those children who are most at risk and living in isolated parts of the region. It is essential to increase families awareness of positive parenting practices through parenting outreach and awareness messaging. Arizona PBS will work closely under the direction of the FTF Public Information Officer and Communication team to create and disseminate earned and paid media in this region, if awarded this grant.
Effective start/end date8/1/186/30/19


  • First Things First : $200,000.00


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