Modernizing Arizona's Farmers' MarketsThrough New EBT Projects: Expanding and Evaluating Access

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Last year, Dr. Wharton began a collaborative effort to establish a statewide farmers' market association in Arizona. This project is off to a successful start, but it has also revealed a new set of needs and opportunities in the state. An initial needs assessment of farmers' market (FM) managers revealed a lack of wireless terminals at many markets to conduct credit, debit, and electronic benefit transfer (EBT) transactions, but the very real desire to utilize them were they available. At the same time, a unique opportunity emerged to conduct a natural experiment assessing the use of new WIC cash value vouchers (CVV), which are allowed to be used at FM's in Arizona, unlike most other states. As such, this proposal calls for funds to purchase terminals and support training on the use of terminals, and funds to support research on WIC CVV usage. The project would accomplish the following goals over the course of 15 months: 1) Provide wireless terminals and associated training for 10 FM's. 2) Collect data on FM sales to assess the impact of terminals. 3) Collaborate with Arizona's Department of Health Services to collect data on utilization and redemption ofWIC CVV at FM's across Arizona.c6_481d
Effective start/end date9/28/099/28/11


  • USDA: Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS): $61,893.00


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