Modeling Electron Emission and Surface Effects of High Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes

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Statement of Work

1. We will measure optical data on absorption and photoluminescence of alkali antimonides and will provide this data to our Tech-X collaborators.

2. We will measure QE and MTE as a function of temperature.

3. We will work with the Tech-X personnel to help them incorporate physical and surface roughness profiles measured from our AFM experiments in their models.

4. We will collaborate with Tech-X personnel on the implementation of modeling for heating effects in alkali-antimonide photocathodes since we in ASU (through the Center for Bright Beams) are also working on such modeling for III-V semiconductors.
Effective start/end date5/28/195/27/21


  • DOE: Office of Science (OS): $120,000.00


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