Mobile multifunctional tool for monitoring and management of respiratory diseases

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Mobile multifunctional tool for monitoring and management of respiratory diseases Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma affects over 30 million people in US and over 500 million people worldwide. Because there is no permanent cure for these diseases, efficient management of the patients over their entire lifetime are needed, which becomes increasingly difficult with the rapid rise in the cost of health. New mobile health technologies, such as personal devices that allow patients to monitor their diseases under free or near free-living conditions, will lower the medical costs, and thus contribute to the solution of the problem. Furthermore, continuous monitoring of the patients health status will also provide more complete information than the sporadic medical exams in hospital or clinical settings. The most effective diagnosis and management technologies for COPD and asthma are spirometry and capnography. However, traditional spirometry and capnography equipment is bulky, expensive, and difficult-tooperate without close supervision of professionals, which are limited to the use in hospital or clinic setting only. The present project aims at developing a personal device that can perform both capnography and spirometry for patients to use outside of hospitals and clinics. Such a device, if made available, can lower healthcare cost, provide more complete and accurate assessment of the patients disease statuses. This kind of device has not been possible previously because of multiple technical barriers. The present project overcomes the barriers with several innovations, including 1) a nanocomposite sensing material for accurate breath-by-breath analysis of carbon dioxide concentrations, 2) a low cost and high performance acoustic flow sensor that covers a wide dynamic range for both low flow-rate capnography and high flow-rate spirometry, 3) an adaptive sampling algorithm for correctly collecting the patients breath without the presence of professionals, and 4) a userfriendly cell phone application for signal processing, data display and storage, and communications. This project combines the strengths of the sensor development and device fabrication capabilities of TF Health Co, biostatistics team at ASU, and the medical expertise in research and clinical practice of VA Medical Center to develop, build, test, and validate a multifunctional tool for personal monitoring of lung functions. The teams have worked together and carried out substantial experiments, which have prepared them to overcome technical challenges and reach the final goal.
Effective start/end date4/16/1412/31/19


  • HHS-NIH: National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute (NHLBI): $379,256.00


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