MobiCloud: A Secure Mobile Cloud Framework for Mobile Computing And Communication

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The research challenges to build a trustworthy MANET communication system mainly originate from the following two inter-related research issues: (1) the security of existing MANET infrastructure lacks inter-operability support in a heterogeneous communication environment where communication devices may belong to different administrative domains with different communication and computation capabilities making protocol design extremely difficult. This research issue is usually caused by the uncertainty of communication peers security setup (a.k.a., trust establishment). For example, mobile entities may use different identity space, cryptographic parameters, and reside in different administrative domains. (2) MANET mobility has a significant impact on the security and communication performance, with considerations on location tracking, communication privacy, and reliable/survivable MANET communication. This issue is mainly caused by the uncertainty of communication peers mobility that usually produces unpredictable inter-meeting duration, transmission rates, and locations. Thus, it requires a comprehensive consideration of MANET communication and security related operations, with specific focus on risk assessment research to arrive at an optimal approach to MANET operations with multiple security and communication constraints.
Effective start/end date5/1/108/31/14


  • DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR): $504,225.00


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