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The most relevant NSF Directorate/Division is Earth Sciences. The Divisions of Chemistry and Materials Research are also relevant. The purpose of this MS RI-1 proposal is to establish a Facility for Open Research in a Compressed Environment (FORCE) at Arizona State University. By reflecting the needs of the US high pressure community, and strongly supported by a recent NAS assessment of opportunities in the Earth Sciences, FORCE represents a major step toward establishing a world class high pressure national user facility. Four pieces of equipment will be purchased, installed, tested, and made available to users: a 6000-ton uniaxial press, a high-precision 6-axis cubic press, a high-pressure torsion (HPT) apparatus, and an internally heated pressure vessel (IHPV). This unique collection of equipment, coupled with ASU expertise, will enable large-volume samples to be made and characterized over much wider ranges of pressure and temperature (P-T) than currently possible anywhere within the U.S. Once established, FORCE will be operated as an open user facility that will be readily accessible to the high-pressure research community. PI Leinenweber will work on this project as part of his institutional appointment, and a world class faculty member in high pressure research will be recruited to become Scientific Director.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/26


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $13,711,265.00


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