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Michigan Virtual University Fellowship Michigan Virtual University Fellowship Statement of Work for Fellowship One of the drivers of the growth in K-12 online learning in the United States has been changes to state-level policy where an increasing number of states have added specific educational policies governing virtual schooling. This project will include gathering policy-related data, analyzing this information, and producing a set of reports to make policy recommendations to the State of Michigan regarding the adoption of online teacher standards and the creation of a state-level endorsement in online teaching. As a Fellow and Lead Principal Investigator, I will conduct the following activities: 1. Gather and organize necessary data/information specific to state-level policy related to K-12 online teaching. 2. Analyze current state-level K-12 virtual school policy related to teacher preparation requirements. 3. Prepare recommendations for K-12 online teacher preparation based on policy analysis outcomes. 4. Author a 15-25 page white paper/policy analysis paper titled, A Survey of State Policies and Practices Around Online K-12 Teaching Endorsements. 5. Prepare additional related conference proposals and peer-reviewed journal publications. 6. Engage in related tasks called upon by s Director for Online Learning Research and Innovation.
Effective start/end date2/1/1312/31/13


  • OTHER: Domestic Non-ABOR University: $6,000.00


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