Metabolic analyzer prototype device development

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Metabolic analyzer prototype device development Metabolic analyzer prototype device development Objective: The objective of the work is to finalize the development of a metabolic analyzer prototype device named Breezing (product), which was developed at CBB, and licensed to . Stage of development and aim: Substantial amount of work has been completed by CBB to demonstrate the feasibility of the product. The present project focuses on an extension of Phase 2 of the overall project, and continues the development effort of the final prototype. Tasks and deliverables for the present SOW: CBB will perform the following tasks: - Development of User interface: The metabolic analyzer has a specific application on a cell phone, which is the user interface. The CBB team will finalize the user interface so that the data generated on the cell phone application by the sensor device can exchange data with a business platform (server). In addition, the user interface will be able to integrate information gathered from the server to complete more accurate calculations of energy expenditure. - Sensor preparation and calibration: The metabolic analyzer sensors will be prepared in glovebox, and the quality control will be performed by implementation of sensor calibration. - Mechanical drawings: For the purpose of technology translation, drawings of the device will be provided to TF Health Co. Metabolic analyzer prototype device development
Effective start/end date6/1/133/31/20


  • HHS-NIH: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS): $292,819.00


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